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unrolling the future. of. the geopolitical list starting monday to tito. this is deja vu news live from berlin it's this practice a deal or bracks it may not happen at all those are the words of the e.u. john claude younger appearing alongside theresa may at a late night press conference he's warned there will be no third chance for the new terms enough to win the support of the british parliament in a vote later today also coming out. algeria's ailing president says he will not
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seek a fifth term this move follows mass protests next month's elections have also been delayed raising concerns about where the country's had it. and this german fourteen year old was raped murdered and buried in a shallow grave and this iraqi asylum seekers the man accused of killing her goes on trial today in a case that has inflamed the national debate over migration. i'm brian thomas thanks for being with us prime minister theresa may has struck a deal to revise the terms of britain's divorce from the european union parliament's due to vote on them later today less than three weeks before bracks it's to take place now the main change may security as frostburg with european commission president john paul junker. hearns the future of the border with
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northern ireland both sides agree that the so-called backstop which for seized northern ireland continuing to follow e.u. rules in order to keep the border they're open would only apply temporarily after. younger warned that there would be no third chance to change this agreement theresa may says the revised terms should convince lawmakers to back her breasts a deal having the insurance policy to guarantee that there will never be. this absolutely right is on this the u.k. some of the commitments in the belfast good friday agreement. but if we have to use that insurance policy it cannot become a permanent arrangement i just know it's the template for our future relationship. to deal with these voted on in january was not strong enough to make that clear and legally binding changes we need to say that right today we have these binding assurances be enough let's bring in the mosque from london to get good morning to
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you theresa may there sounding very positive what does she bring back from her last minute meeting and strong. she has to be very poses she has to put a positive spin on this because really it's another last ditch attempt to get any deal through the houses of parliament m.p.'s now have only a few hours time to look at this agreement and to make the decision to resume a has said that she has brought something from the negotiations that's legally binding that concerns the future of northern ireland here in london and peace would still be waiting for so most crucially they will still be pondering over the text also waiting for the attorney general to give his legal opinion of how watertight this really is and then the nail biting another nail biting day your love that m.p.'s are going to vote on this new agreement another meaningful vote in just
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a few hours type ok how watertight these terms are is very important i just mentioned that you know what's it looking like will these new terms be enough to get back to the green light today in parliament. we have to remember the last time to reason may try to get this deal through it was defeated by two hundred thirty votes a record loss for the prime minister now she will hope that well at least the laws can be less than last time and and this is really what people are watching out for we've heard from the labor opposition from jeremy corbyn that he doesn't think that the deal should be voted three so labor looks shaky for to reason made to two to support her and then we have to watch closely the northern irish m.p.'s the democratic unionist they are really crucial for how crucial allies if they think that the future for northern ireland is watertight is
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a good guarantee for them then i think a lot of conservative m.p.'s would follow them so they are still sort of pondering and poor ing over the tax and making up their mind but this will be crucial but it's going to be very very difficult for tourism a to get it through that's clear ok it's hard to tell what's going to happen so what happens if this deal is not passed in parliament today. well if this deal is not passed reason may has promised that there will be another series of fetes though then m.p.'s will have their charms to vote on no deal a lot of members of parliament and indeed a lot of businesses here in the u.k. as well are really fearing that the u.k. could crash out of the european union without a deal so without any agreement on the future relationships in just over two weeks time so when everybody says the clock is ticking it is true it is really really of
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it's really ticking at the moment and m.p.'s will want to exclude this scenario which for many of them is really a horrors and that in just two weeks the u.k. crashes out so that will be another vote if that gets voted through and that's. expected to happen then to reason they will have to face another vote on the possible extension of the withdrawal period so it's then expected that to reason they will be instructed effectively by parliament to go back to the european union and ask for the whole process to drag on even longer ok and whether any of that happens depends on the vote today coming up over the next few hours because mas following up for us thanks very much. and our correspondent max hoffman it isn't a straw spring where the new terms were agreed to here's what he had to say about the british parliament vote today if they don't back this deal but at the same time they want to avoid a no deal drugs and what does it mean it might even mean a second referendum or
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a new elections and that of course is the worst case scenario for hard drugs the tears they might be willing to swallow this agreement if it means that they can still have their brags and avoid no brags that because you don't know what's going to be the result of a second referendum if it really takes place so this is zone clode york or the president of the e.u. commission building up even more pressure before this crucial vote in the house of commons on tuesday what really happens afterwards we don't know but this is this is really the kind that's the important part we've been steering towards this for for two years and all sides are trying to build up pressure as much as possible and in the case of to include younker in order to force the house of commons to pass this deal with his successful or not we'll see later in the day. max hoffman therefore since frostburg get much more on bret said at our. website that state of you dot com including all the possible scenarios moving forward now let's check in with
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some of the other stories making news today australia has joined a growing list of countries and airlines restricting operation of the boeing airliner snoo seven thirty seven x. airliner australia's aviation authority saying it was a temporary measure a seven thirty seven x. eight crash and the theo p s sunday it's the second crash of this aircraft in five months. according to belgium has sentenced the gunman who killed four people in an attack on brussels jewish museum to life in prison many stage attack in two thousand and fourteen after returning from syria where his suspected of joining so-called islamic state is a fighter. power blackouts in the venezuelan capital caracas have disrupted the city's water system forcing residents to line up with water from tanker trucks and cisterns some are also taking water from a local river most of it as well as electric grid collapse last week president maduro has adjusted the u.s.
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sabotage to power station. french president manuel mccall has called on algeria to ensure a reasonable transition period for the country's leadership a long standing president. had earlier announced that he would not seek a fifth term following street protests but election set for next month has been postponed indefinitely many voters are not convinced that the elling beautifully will indeed follow through with his promise. echoes of the arab spring after nearly a month of protests. about to public pressure announce he will not run for a fifth term as president the news brought tens of thousands of in the streets to celebrate but some struck a note of caution warning that real change must follow. it's a good thing but only if they change the government completely. if the bring
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someone just like him. it's not worth it so. they have to change the whole government persons as well so wary of the announcement that the election due to be held next month has been postponed indefinitely. which had been what does that mean when they announce the buddha flicka is not running for a fifth term future but that he is adding another year this is what he wanted from the beginning to postpone the elections and have another year we don't want that we want to put a freak and his clan to give up power to get a good feel it all but it. has suffered a severe stroke in two thousand and thirteen and it's really appeared in public since monday to viet footage of the ailing president in the meeting that included nordin baduy the current interior minister who is not considered part of part of because in a circle has been named the new prime minister. that's being seen as a sign that the old guard might really be releasing its hold on power. here in
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germany the trial of an iraqi asylum seeker accused of the rape and murder. a fourteen year old girl begins today prosecutors charged the twenty two year old suspect ali being attacked and killed the victim in the city of responding last year and then fled the family to iraq german federal police eventually brought him back with the help of racquets or he's now this case is fueled a broader debate about asylum practices here in germany especially for those like ali being who are charged with violent crimes. when susan that disappeared in may last year two weeks went by before any trace of her could be found then police discovered the body of a fourteen year old next to a railroad track in a home covered with dirt and branches ali be a young iraqi living in a refugee shelter in response was the main suspect the investigating team then got a tip from within the migrant community where he was living. center in
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pippin said about six thirty pm on sunday june third a thirteen year old refugee appeared in the spotless first precinct and said that susana had been raped and murdered so i think about it. and he named this twenty year old iraqi as a possible suspect. its workers in. and his family fled overnight to northern iraq but he was arrested there and handed over to german authorities he confessed to killing says ana but denies having returned. right when the populace to use the case to criticize the government's refugee policy in germany emotions ran high in an unusual step chancellor merkel commented on the sidelines of the g. seven summit in canada. unimaginable suffering that the family and also the victim have endured touches everyone including me. i can only say now that it is good that the suspected perpetrator has been caught.
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ali b. is believed to have killed susana in order to cover up the rape he has also been accused of raping an eleven year old girl that case is being handled separately. we have some sports news now on our team a robbie the refugee football player from bahrain who is held in a thai prison has been granted australian citizenship today he met with a fellow in foreign minister scott morrison who successfully lobbied for his release in two thousand and fourteen the twenty five year old fled bahrain where he was born after being accused of vandalism and granted asylum in australia he was held in thailand on an extradition warrant from his former oma. in the business leaders monday night game frankfurt a dozen door of closed outmatched a twenty five the host took their time but eventually overcame the opponents scoring three goals in the second half not means frankfurt remain undefeated this
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year. do so golf were defeated by frankfurt in a major way earlier this season conceding seven goals to the high flying eagles all eyes were in frankfurt as he scored five goals against dusseldorf in their first encounter but he wouldn't be a factor in this one the home side thought they were off to a great start maybe to an early goal but unfortunately for dusseldorf luka back you know was called for handball in the build up after the restart frankfurt open the scoring off the cross to cincy are finished with a header one zip frankfurt they haven't lost a match after taking the lead in twenty nine games in stoppage time they added another through a rare substitute sebastian i lay on the french mint no problem navigating the keeper. only two minutes later l.a.'s again giving frankfurt the easy three nil victory over dusseldorf a great tune up for frankfurt to face intermingle and in the europa league later
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this week. let's get you a quick reminder of our top story at this hour prime minister theresa may has struck a deal with you negotiators to revise the terms of cracks in the main change concerns northern ireland's border with the irish republic lawmakers in london will be voting on those changes in the coming hours. this is deja vu news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being with us. the floods have taken everything. now despair please god. climate refugees. they seek shelter in the capital. but the waters are rising. the floods.
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